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Collect them all!

February 18th, 2013To the top

4 remarkable new visitcards of M5

Complete with QR codes on a special background. All images are made by Bram Moens with a Nikon Coolpix P500 camera.
Layout: A. v.d. Lee
Collect them all!Collect them all!Collect them all!Collect them all!

M5 on "Fillari 2013" expo in Helsinki, Finland coming march

February 7th, 2013To the top

Especially for our Scandinavian audience: Tervetuloa, Velkommen, Välkommen!

M5 on On March 8,9 and 10 we will be on the "Fillari 2013" expo displaying some of our models on the Dutch pavilion of the biggest leisure exhibition in Scandinavia.

M5 also organises daily presentations about biking with your recumbent through Scandinavia. These will be provided by "North Cape Specialist" Arthur van der Lee.
M5 on

After sunshine comes....? Right:"Snow!"

January 22nd, 2013To the top

See how to commute in the snow on a M5 recumbent

After sunshine comes....? Right:www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lvFDTNRUdY&feature=youtu.be

Sunny videoclip at M5 in dreary period

January 4th, 2013To the top
Sunny videoclip at M5 in dreary periodhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZxft-ggQ1c&list=UURYxM-M-VQ-8j18QuL9xjmA&index=7

New version of M5 Shock proof with double 29" wheels and disc brakes

December 29th, 2012To the top
New version of M5 Shock proof with double 29For the new 2013 season we can offer the M5 Shock Proof as a double 29-er! This means less rolling resistance coupled to our most succesfull suspension model. This bike is standard equipped with the foolproof Avid BB-7 disc brakeset. Price of this model with carbon front fork will be 1963 for non-EC inhabitants and 2375,- for EU residents

Adjusted opening hours M5 shop during january 2013

December 13th, 2012To the top
Adjusted opening hours M5 shop during january 2013
Image: Bram Moens
Because of previously announced work on new products, opening hours are going to be adapted in the week before Christmas as well as January

E-mail and phone will take place normally in this period. Shop visit after e-mail confirmation only.

Minimalistic mirror

December 7th, 2012To the top
Minimalistic mirrorMirrors on a bike can be very practical but are easy to bend, get loose or vibrate while riding. M5 came with a solution that fades out all these characteristics. We minimised this allready compact mirror even more and just have a look: It's there and it's still functioning! Rotatable in all directions through ball joint.
Minimalistic mirror

Latest drawings Triple Carbon Cases

December 1st, 2012To the top
Latest drawings Triple Carbon Cases
Drawings: Bob Vroegh
To keep you updated hereby the latest 3D versions of the upcoming carbon cases
Latest drawings Triple Carbon Cases

Out now: new bilingual book: "De Nederlandse fiets/ The Dutch Bike" written by Zahid Sardar.

November 22nd, 2012To the top
Out now: new bilingual book: Renowned design critic Zahid Sardar from San Francisco describes the history of the iconic Dutch bicycle. Ranging from the typical Dutch black city bike up to the newest designer bikes and obviously recumbents too!
The book takes off where the Dutch bicycle history begins: around 1866. It shows a great overview of the various bicycle models, bike pictures, special components, etc and ends up with the thriving contemporary expressions of a variety of Dutch bike designs. M5 is well represented with a photo page and a page-sized interview with M5 founder/owner Bram Moens.

Publisher: nai010 from Rotterdam, Netherlands. ISBN is 97-8946-208-020-1.

The book ( 18,90 for non EU and 19.95 for EU ) is available through M5.
Out now: new bilingual book: Out now: new bilingual book:

Upcoming: new lightweight luggage casings for M5 CHR and M-Racer

October 21st, 2012To the top
Upcoming: new lightweight luggage casings for M5 CHR and M-Racer
First drawings of Carbon/Kevlar Triple Case
For two of M5's most successful bike types a carbon/kevlar set of luggage cases will be available in spring 2013. The production molds will be manufactured soon. This new set of cases can be utilised by commuters and holiday cyclists.

The watertight and aerodynamically shaped set will consist of a top, left and right case, with a combined volume of about 80 litres. By designing the cases as closely fit as possible around the frame and the rear wheel, a lot of luggage space is created, while minimising the overall width.


  • Waterproof luggage space
  • With the C/K " Triple Case" same speed as with the bare M5 CHR or M-Racer, but with a lower heart rate OR
  • With the C/K " Triple Case" a higher speed with the same heart rate, approximately an extra 3 km/h or 2 mph
  • Operates also as an effective fender
  • Weight (less than 3 kg or 6,6 pounds) is competing with standard bags + fender + carrier
  • Standard side bags slow down your recumbent with at least 2 to 3 km/h at 35 km/h

    This unique set will be available in spring 2013. Interested? Let us know by e-mail!
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