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M5 Carbon/kevlar Tail Fairing now available

November 7th, 2007To the top
M5 Carbon/kevlar Tail Fairing now availableThe M5 tailfairing is now also available in carbon/kevlar. A very crash proof tailfairing is the result.

Even with the better properties of this new fairing, the price is equal to the price of a carbon tail fairing.

M5 Carbon/kevlar Tail Fairing: € 454.55
(EU citizens: € 550.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


Autumn special: Flevobike Greenmachine

November 6th, 2007To the top

Brand new showroom models for a special price

Autumn special: Flevobike GreenmachineAutumn action: the Flevobike Greenmachine for a special price

Available in blue and orange

The Greenmachine is the result of years of prototypes and designing. The main features are the full chain casing and the good ventilation of the seat.
Autumn special: Flevobike GreenmachineAutumn special: Flevobike GreenmachineAutumn special: Flevobike Greenmachine

Flevobike Greenmachine Autumn Action: € 2,392.56
(EU citizens: € 2,895.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


Crossing the Atlantic by M5

November 2nd, 2007To the top

M5 sponsors Biking the Ocean with M5 Tandem

Crossing the Atlantic by M5Foundation Biking the Ocean is preparing a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a human powered boat. Their plan is to travel from New York to Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Heart of the boat is an M5 Tandemframe, sponsored by us, including the seats, propulsion an other components to drive the boat's propellor.

Click the link below for a lot of pictures and additional information (text in Dutch).

www.bikingtheocean.com >>

Crossing the Atlantic by M5Crossing the Atlantic by M5Crossing the Atlantic by M5

Greg Gross participates in the Texas Time Trials

October 10th, 2007To the top

M5 Titanium Carbon Low Racer beats records

Greg Gross participates in the Texas Time TrialsLast week Greg Gross participated in a 4-man recumbent only team in the Texas Time Trials, an event that draws riders from all over the country. It is a tough course: 20 mile loops done 25 times for a distance of 500 miles total. The course has 1000 feet of climbing for each loop. Greg rode the M5 TiCa Low Racer that he purchased from Garrie Hill. On his first lap, he beated the standing lap time record by 1m15s, beating the previous record of 51:30. He was also told he had an unofficial record of most consecutive loops completed in under an hour, with 5 of his 6 laps. Lap times were 50:15, 52, 57, 55, 57, and 1:03.

Below the a link to the internet site of The Texas Time Trials.

www.tt24tt.com >>


Paris-Brest-Paris time by Tijmen Hoeve

October 9th, 2007To the top
Tijmen Hoeve passed the finish in 57 hours and 52 minutes.

76th place overall, first unfaired recumbent. Only two fully faired Quests were faster.

M5 at Salon du Cycle in Paris

September 24th, 2007To the top

From September 29th to October 2nd

M5 at Salon du Cycle in ParisLots of visitors at our stand. Not only attention for our recumbents, but also for the presentation of the M5 Light Weight products.

Also check the internetsite of Salon du Cycle 2005

www.mondial-deuxroues.com/frameSet.htm?salon=2&langue=FR >>

M5 at Salon du Cycle in ParisM5 at Salon du Cycle in ParisM5 at Salon du Cycle in Paris

M5 crank sets in every day use

August 19th, 2007To the top
M5 crank sets in every day useAfter the extensive tests in the laboratory, we're now doing the testing "in the field". Several M5 recumbent riders are testing the cranks during a long time and a lot of kilometres.

First report from users: Really stiff and light weight and I feel in my feet that it's much lighter...
M5 crank sets in every day use

New M5 clothing

August 18th, 2007To the top
New M5 clothingNow available: new M5 clothing. Discreet, yet bright in traffic.

Available are Bermuda's, shirts with 3/4 sleeve and bike jacks long sleeve.

Our M5 teamshirts are now also available in this colour setting.

Paris-Brest-Paris with M5 Recumbents!

August 14th, 2007To the top
Paris-Brest-Paris with M5 Recumbents!During the upcoming Paris-Brest-Paris race from August 20 to 24 2007 a large number of people will participate on an M5 recumbent. During this non-stop monster trip quite a lot of riders will use our latest model, the M5 Carbon High Racer.

Participants from our region (Zeeland, the south west of the Netherlands) are Mr. J. Bouman from Goes (age 65 plus) with an M5 City Cruiser/Tail Bag, Perry Stoel from Grijpskerke with an M5 Carbon High Racer/Tail Fairing and Rob Stricker from Zoutelande with an M5 CrMo Shock Proof 559 and Tijmen Hoeven, at the moment living in Zaandam, with an M5 Carbon High Racer/Tail Bag combination.

Also worth mentioning is the Australian participant Andrew Heard, who already was preparing for this PBP for three years. During his holiday in England M5 Titanium Shock Proof 451 was stolen ... To compensate his loss a little, we decided to offer him an identical replacement to enable him to participate after all.

Other participants are also supported with things like fast wheels and/or Tailfairing to reach a better placement.

www.paris-brest-paris.org >>


Vikingtour 2007

August 9th, 2007To the top

Stefan Vanlerberghe on behalf of M5 on a High Racer

Vikingtour 2007Stefan Vanlerberghe from Belgium did participate for M5 in the Viking Tour 2007 in Norway and did also very good going up the mountains. During the Vikingtour not the whole trip is timed, but only certain parts of it. Unfortunately the parts which are most suitable for recumbents weren't... Nevertheless Stefan managed to get the best out of it, also during steep climbing.

Also check Vikingtour.no
Vikingtour 2007Vikingtour 2007
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