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Closing day in november

November 14th, 2011To the top
Due to a course the M5 shop will be closed on november 29.

Yet another nice image from the 14000 km/8700 miles M5 Tandem trip from Reims, France to Beijing, China

November 6th, 2011 
Yet another nice image from the 14000 km/8700 miles M5 Tandem trip from Reims, France to Beijing, China

Short visit to Apeldoorn ...

November 2nd, 2011To the top

Moekkôkèn's maiden race

Short visit to Apeldoorn ...
Photo above: A.v.d.Lee

Photo below: W. Schermer
During one hour record attempts at Omnisport in Apeldoorn, the brand new carbon bike Moekkôkèn (Dutch dialect for "Want to have one too") was first ridden by builder and rider Bram Moens from M5.

Conclusion: The bike is incredibly efficient (read: "fast"), but the propulsion was not working at maximum power output... In itself that's not surprising given the short run-up period. Barely five weeks ago Bram decided to establish a dual purpose: a) The fastest possible bike, based on a two-year old drawing. b) Start training for the first time in five years.

Concerning part b: let's plan a second chance during spring 2012. Gives a bit more time for a more extensive training programme.After all Bram is only 55...

Short movie of A.v.d.Lee is shown here:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=43ASt9Ge6nY >>

Short visit to Apeldoorn ...Short visit to Apeldoorn ...

A highly remarkable project

September 2nd, 2011To the top

14000 km or 8700 miles on a M5 recumbent tandem from Reims (Fr) to Beijing

A highly remarkable projectHere you can read everything about this unique project from Anne Salaun & Benjamin Stoll! www.biketoschool.fr
A highly remarkable project

Superb results M5 participants Paris-Brest-Paris

September 1st, 2011To the top

Robert Carlier on a M5 CHR fastest Dutch participant on PBP 2011

Superb results M5 participants Paris-Brest-ParisYou may have already checked out the finish times of the contesters, but the results are spectacular.

  • Robert Carlier did the 1230 km in exactly 53 hours, meaning an average of 23,2 km/h, every single hour!
  • Perry Stoel and Theo Homan (on Thys Carbon rowingbike) finished not far behind in a really fast 56 hours, 22 minutes (21.8 km/h)
  • Peter Rijk (74 hours, 13 minutes), Andrew Heard (Australia) 83 uur and 25 minuten and Rob Stricker (89 hours, 37 minutes) set another pair of good finishes.
  • Also good news: Andreas Koerner (45), one of the many German clients with an M5 Carbon High Racer (with tail fairing) has set the yet fastest time with 52 hours and 39 minutes. With 25000 km per year, Andreas can be considered an M5 rider that covers a rather large distance over the years. The result was that Andreas and also Robert proved to be faster with their unfaired bikes, than Hans Wessels, who was riding a Quest!
  • Arthur van der Lee, the unmatched North Cape specialist, did not finish the race, contrary to previous reports (he stopped at 320 km). Main reason was the excessive amounts of rain, which Arthur really dislikes....
  • Jaap Bouman also had to stop after 760 km, because his scheme was no longer feasible.

Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 is almost here!

August 19th, 2011To the top

With the following link you can follow the M5 riders<br />

It is almost there! The M5 participants will start this weekend after many months of intensive preparation and training. Through the M5 site it was possible to have a preview on this giga tour Herby the list of participants and their numbers. Just fill in these numbers on the following link to see how fast they really are!!. These guys are going for a fast trip: 6415, 6424 and 6410 www.paris-brest-paris.org/pbp2011/index2.php?lang=fr&cat=randonnee&pa
  • Jaap Bouman on a "M5 Shock Proof 559": 6950
  • Arthur van der Lee on a "M5 M-Racer": 8874
  • Perry Stoel on a "M5 Carbon High Racer": 6415
  • Robert Carlier on a "M5 Carbon High Racer": 6424
  • Rob Stricker on a "M5 Shock Proof 559": 6420
  • Peter Rijk on a "M5 Carbon High Racer": 6413
These are worth to follow as well:
  • Theo Homan on a "Thijs Carbon Rowingbike": 6410 (Theo and Perry will be in eyes'contact'
  • Ymte Sijbrandy in a Quest streamlined 3-wheeler: 6941

Arthur van der Lee allready reached Norways Northcape

July 11th, 2011To the top

And again an astonishing 30 degrees Celsius

Arthur van der Lee allready reached Norways NorthcapeAfter a last allnighter of about 360 K I find myself safely back at a nice hostel. My intention was to split the last stage of this journey in two but along the way people told me that the weather was going to turn. It has been quite warm here in this northern most part of europe for quite some time now. I reached the Northcape on sunday morning about 9:30 still under a clear blue sky. Shortly after I left I could already feel the cold en not much later it started raining. And it has not been stopped since.... I thank you all for your e-mails and tomorrow I hope to update the website with more pictures of reindeer and midnight sun. Read his experiences on: members.upc.nl/a.vanderlee3/

Coming soon! Dismountable lightweight aluminum rear carriers for M5's Carbon High Racer and M-Racer types

June 14th, 2011To the top
Coming soon!  Dismountable lightweight aluminum rear carriers for M5's Carbon High Racer and M-Racer typesWithin reasonable time M5 will introduce two new dismountable rear carrier types for M5 Carbon High Racers as well for M5's latest type: the "M"-Racer. The new carrier exists of only 3 different parts which are screwed together. All kind of click system panniers can be attached to this latest type like Ortlieb etc.
In the nearby future M5 will also offer carbon topplates for an even lighter rear carrier. Estimated weight will be a stunning less then 260 grammes rear carrier (with alu top plate appr. 360 grammes)

Because of this unique patent pending construction we can ship these rear carriers in a flat envelope!

New serie of M5 Carbon High Racers available

May 13th, 2011To the top
New serie of M5 Carbon High Racers availableThe previous months there was some `congestion` regarding the delivery for this most efficient bike. But right now we can again deliver out of stock. Besides the standard natural 12 D carbon version we have a limited number of these CHR´s in magnificient Ice Blue or Fire Red. Within days we will also publish the reports of some M5 CHR customers who are riding their certificates with incredible high average speeds thanks to these high-tech vehicles: 250 Watt gives an astonishing 48 km/h or 30 miles p/h!

Quality control of titanium monoforks from Titanium Shock Proof

May 10th, 2011To the top
Shock Proof titanium monoforks have been used in bikes between 2001 and 2007. With one titanium monofork play has been revealed between the steerer tube and the fork crown. Since this current owner is not the first owner history and mileage of this fork is unknown. On the longer term this play can lead to fatigue of the steerer tube. M5 asks users of these titanium monoforks to send their fork for a quality check to M5 Recumbents (from May the 18th) If, after research, there is a need for replacement, another fork will be returned to the current owner.
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