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Stijn van de Maele (Belgium) 3 time world champion during HPV World Championships in Mannheim (Germany)

June 19th, 2017To the top
Stijn van de Maele (Belgium) 3 time world champion during HPV World Championships in Mannheim (Germany)
Image: Jens Seemann
Stijn did it again!!

With only an upgraded rear wheel Stijn used his very standard M5 Carbon High Racer to prove that this bike works as well for commuting, shopping, vacation tours as winning world titles on speed championships....

With the highest excuses to his family for being out so many hours on training sessions

But the reults are stunning of course despite the fact that Stijn reaches 41 years of age. No trace of slowing down so far:

-1st place at the 333 meter sprint
-1st place at the kilometer standing start
-1st place at the 3 hours race

The climbing time trial was deleted because of an approaching thunderstorm while riding second place.


M5 Minimal Bike winner Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!

April 3rd, 2017To the top

Winners announced today at the annual congress RAI Bicycle Retail Trends in Burgers Zoo, Arnhem.

M5 Minimal Bike winner Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!From the jury:

M5 - Minimal Bike

Minimal Bike M5 is a truly innovative bike design, which was created through a minimalistic and wherever possible integrated approach. This resulted in a totally different and super light (from 6.7 kg with disc brakes!) model. The jury believes that this is shown clearly and reflected in the design of this bike in about every detail. An integrated head tube, the carbon fiber frame, the hidden cables and of course the unique (light) weight. M5 has created a bike that turns heads and which meets a need in urban areas for example.
M5 Minimal Bike winner Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!

New promo video MINIMAL.BIKE

March 9th, 2017To the top
No, we are not replacing recumbents by road bikes....:) They are both there and both are fun to develop.But today Bram Moens had to attend the last pitch for the Bike Innovation Awards jury. There was also this clip shown. Makers of these cool video are Winand Veldhuizen and Ansho Bijlmakers supported by Bram Moens and model Desire Melchiot.Please watch it full screen on You Tube itself!


Bike Radar covers 2-SPOKE wheel

February 9th, 2017To the top
Bike Radar covers 2-SPOKE wheelWondering if cross winds will be converted to free speed!

The article in Bike Radar

An enthusiastic article about Minimal.bike

January 27th, 2017To the top

"Tweewieler" comments on our latest product

An enthusiastic article about Minimal.bike  An enthusiastic article in the latest issue of Tweewieler, the Dutch magazine for the bicycle business.

Some phrases from the text translated:

"It's always amazing to lift a real bike of only 6.7 kg"
"All expertise in a really minimalistic design"
"Handle bar from a different world"

Also, a short video displaying the nominees of the Bicycle Innovation Awards:


And the nominees are...

January 24th, 2017To the top

www.minimal.bike is one of the nominees of the Bicycle Innovation Awards 2017!

And the nominees are...The RAI Association about Minimal.bike:

"M5: Minimal Bike is an ultra lightweight bicycle (6.7 kg), in which carbon is the primary material. The bike is designed according to an integrated approach. By optimal integration of components the bicycle is characterized by a minimalistic design."

Together with five other participants, Minimal.bike is now in the race for the Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!

More info at fietsawards.nl in Dutch

More about minimal.bike


December 19th, 2016To the top
WinterbreakThe M5 showroom will be closed until January the 27 th. Telephone and e-mail traffic will be continued as much as possible

New sponsorship between 2-SPOKE and multiple Dutch Time Trial Champion Remco Grasman.

December 5th, 2016To the top
New sponsorship between 2-SPOKE and multiple Dutch Time Trial Champion Remco Grasman.Last week Bram Moens officially presented the new 2-SPOKE wheel set to multiple Dutch time trial champion Remco Grasman. Remco is a renowned cyclist who delivers as much as 375 watts of continuous endurance! In direct competition with professional riders Remco repeatedly left pros behind.... That's one of the reasons to support him as a elite rider without a contract!

Remco will use these fastest wheels in the world in the coming 2017 competition.

M5's Bram Moens receives Award for Designer of the year handed out by magazine "Constructeur" 2016

November 30th, 2016To the top
M5's Bram Moens receives Award for Designer of the year handed out by magazine During the Engineers day in Evoluon (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) Bram Moens received the Award for Designer of the year 2016. On behalf of the monthly magazine "Constructeur" Robin Zander handed over the award as token of appreciation of M5's recent innovations like the carbon handbike of Paralympic champion Jetze Plat, the 2-SPOKE wheel (gold and silver medals) en the new, iconic citybike MINIMAL.BIKE.

The engineers day is an annual event filled with inspiration and leading speakers, designers, research & development teams, etc.

Minimal.bike is here!

November 17th, 2016To the top

This time not a recumbent, but certainly an attractive project!

Minimal.bike is here!To keep the mind clear it's necessary to do something outside the daily proceedings. In this particular case it's still about bicycles, but this time you're going in an upright position against the wind.
The last two years have been pretty busy with this full carbon project on top of the (not really) daily routine plus the 2-SPOKE plus the Carbon Handbike project. But this minimal.bike project started at the M5 counter in October 2014 during a visit of Aart Roelandt (senior industrial designer offering a wide range of products). I've been asking him for years to come up with a nice idea or product which could be manufactured in carbon. His proposal was: devise, draw, make a lightweight carbon citybike. There are definitely reasonably well, or simply well, handling compact (folding) bikes that are good looking, but each of them have their own characteristics and flaws:

  • too heavy
  • wheels too small
  • inefficient riding
  • non ideal geometry
  • or just plain ugly

After several sketches, soon a basic shape was determined and subsequently 1:1 AutoCad drawings, cardboard shapes and real wooden 1:1 models were made. It is imperative to actually feel the frame in your hands instead of only seeing it on a screen as a flattened 3-D model, particularly because the frame will be manufactured in expensive steel moulds.
Apart from the frame and the front fork I also made several wooden handlebars with air-foil shape, which resulted in two carbon production versions. One with integrated handlebars and thumb notches and the other with cylindrical carbon tube ends which allow assembly of standard shifters and brake levers.

One of the main goals was to adjoin all parts as much as possible. So, no carbon frame from the year 2100 with an old fashioned pre-1900 looking (aluminium or steel!) saddle or handlebar stem just because these are available readily. Seen plenty of those. Also no ugly clamps around saddle or handlebar stem (hidden inside the frame instead).

Due to the special properties of carbon and especially the super fabric of Toray 800/1000 it was even possible to abandon the standard triangular frame shape and make the absolute most of freedom of form.

Finally, a special thanks to Bob Vroegh from Bob Lab for the 3D Solid Works contribution!

Further info on the special website: www.minimal.bike
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